Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Halo for Xbox One is Halo 5, Xbox Australia says [UPDATE]

The all-new Halo game Microsoft announced for Xbox One at E3 2013 in June is Halo 5, not a spinoff, according to a Facebook post today from Xbox Australia.
As part of an ongoing series of reasons to buy an Xbox One in 2014, Microsoft said, "Reason #14 - The Prometheans and Covenant just won't give John-117 a break! Master Chief returns for the thrilling continuation of the Reclaimer Saga in Halo 5."
In June, former Xbox boss Don Mattrick referred to the new Halo game as Halo 5.
However, Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer declined to say if this game was Halo 5 when approached by GameSpot earlier this year. He only described the game as "legitimate."
We've reached out to Microsoft for comment on today's report, but were unable to reach a company representative at press time.
Microsoft has released only one trailer for the next Halo game, showing off Master Chief in the desert. The all-new Halo game launches in 2014 on Xbox One, following Halo: Spartan Assault, which launched for the new system just this week.

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