Monday, 23 December 2013

PC space sim Star Citizen reaches $35 million in funding

Chris Roberts' upcoming PC space sim Star Citizen has soared to yet another funding milestone. The most successful crowdfunded project in history recently reached $35 million, which Roberts called a "monumental achievement" and one that may alter the way games are funded and produced in the future.
"You’re not just re-writing the rules of how games are made and funded but you’re showing the power that a committed community has to achieve a vision that so many people said was no longer relevant," Roberts said.
At press time, Star Citizen funding stands at $35,029,574 from 335,272 backers.
"Unlike a typical publisher we don’t look at this initial funding as bigger profits--we look at as allowing us to deliver more of the dream sooner and ensure the online infrastructure and support is as full featured as possible, even during the pre-release period," Roberts said.
Roberts also addressed the recently delay of Star Citizen's Dogfighting module, thanking fans for their support of his decision to do so.
"I know it was disappointing for many people, and it wasn't a decision that I took lightly but after much deliberation I decided it was best for the long-term health of the project," Roberts said. "I've made a lot of single player games--I know that we can knock that out of the park but I really want to make sure that the multiplayer combat is fun, compelling, and that we solve the various challenges in having the controls and flight model work smoothly online."
At $35 million, backers will unlock the Drake Herald ship, the final fan-voted ship.
"The Drake Herald, small, armored ship, is designed to fit that need and safely get that information from Point A to Point B. Featuring a powerful central engine (for high speed transit and generating the power needed for effective data encryption/containment), advanced encryption software and an armored computer core, the Herald is unique among personal spacecraft in that it is designed to be easily ‘cleaned’ when in danger of capture. The Herald includes an array of heavy duty internal options for data protection, including redundant power subsystems and EMP shielding, and a high-powered broadcast array for data transmission."
If Star Citizen funding reaches $37 million, Roberts and developer Cloud Imperium Games will introduce the Tanga System--described as a "stellar graveyard." Backers can now also vote for the $38 million system unlock in a poll on the developer's website.
Star Citizen has been in development at Cloud Imperium Games for more than a year. The game itself centers on a storyline that is set in a persistent online universe. Roberts has said that Star Citizen will fuse elements of his previous games, Wing Commander and Freelancer. Support for the virtual-reality headset Oculus Rift is planned.
Star Citizen is expected to be released in late 2014.

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