Monday, 30 December 2013

China: Ban on Battlefield 4

" Threat to the national security of China" is the Battlefield 4!

The Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China " banned Battlefield 4 of Electronic Arts because it considers that its contents may endanger the national security of the country " , according to local news agencies .

Κίνα: Απαγόρευση Battlefield 4"The Battlefield 4 is an illegal video game which endangers the security of the country . It is an attack on our culture . Following the ban , demand anything associated with it (downloads, patches, news , etc. ) delete " announces the government. It should be noted also , that has banned any search on Chinese websites for Battlefield 4 and whoever tries will receive a message that " in accordance with the laws and regulations do not appear in search results for Battlefield 4" ( the term "BF4" not banned yet).

This decision of the country began with the placing of Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC ​​released on December 17, and add four new maps, whose action takes place in various regions of China . The Chinese media criticized the game . A publication characterizes as "defamation of the country in the eyes of other countries" while another states that " Even the campaign mode can be a source of aggravation , as the story focuses on Admiral Chang and conviction to overturn Chinese government to gain the support of the Russians and start war with America ! "

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